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                                                    Charlie Award

    In 2010, IBEW Local 965 began recognizing members and/or retirees for giving back to our communities through volunteering.  We have established the "Charlie Award", which is named in recognition of the first recipient, Charlie Wilhelm.  Charlie inspired the need to recognize members giving back to our communities through his involvement with Habitat for Humanity and other charitable activities.

   At the March 2014 Executive Board meeting, Christopher Esser was chosen as this year's recipient.  Christopher is an Alliant retiree out of Cassville. Chris has been volunteering at Stonefield Historic Site in Cassville for the past 10 years. He helps with clean up of the grounds every spring and mows lawn all summer into the fall. The picture was taken at the Retiree Club meeting on May 12, 2014. 

We will award another recipient next year. If you know of someone that should be considered, feel free to submit an application or contact the Union office before the January 2015 Executive Board meeting.  You are able to submit your own name for consideration.

2010 original recipient

Gene Samuelson (left)--IBEW 965 Retiree Club President
Charlie Wilhelm (center)
Tony Bartels (right)--IBEW 965 Business Manager

2011 recipient

Mike Pyne--IBEW 965 Assistant Business Manager (left)
Jeff Rouse--(right)

2012 recipient

Holly Kaiser, Vice President (left)
Mark Schoen (center)
Tony Bartels, Business Manager (right)

2013 recipient

Ed Ullerich (left)
Holly Kaiser, Vice President (right)

2014 recipient

Tony Bartels, Business Manager (left)
Christopher Esser (right)